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7 Nipigon Avenue Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by Arkfield Development. Coming soon to 7-17 Nipigon Avenue in North York.

Strategically located at 7-17 Nipigon Avenue in the Newtonbrook neighborhood, this notable building is positioned near the crossroads of Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue East, on the northern side of Nipigon Avenue, between Yonge Street and Dumont Street.

Highlights at 7 Nipigon Avenue Condos

Nestled at the dynamic crossroads of Toronto, Vaughan, and Markham, the 7 Nipigon Avenue Condo by DiamondCorp stands as a prime investment opportunity in the evolving landscape of North York. Ideally situated at the intersection of Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue, this residential gem not only offers a home but also a stake in the future growth of a burgeoning urban hub. Before diving into the details, lets explore the strategic reasons behind investing in the Nipigon Avenue area, with its transformative potential.

  • Positioned at Yonge and Steeles, the 26 Nipigon Avenue Condo occupies a unique junction of Toronto, Vaughan, and Markham.
  • Recognized as a “Protected Major Transit Station Area,” the condo enjoys a strategic location for easy access to the future Steeles Station subway stop, an integral part of the Yonge North Subway Extension slated for completion by 2030.
  • The area is currently undergoing substantial transformation, evident in the surge of redevelopment projects. Abitibi Avenue and adjacent locations are witnessing a shift from low-density housing to high-rise condos, contributing to the creation of a vibrant urban focal point.
  • Residents will benefit from proximity to diverse employment and educational opportunities, given the strategic location within the intersecting realms of Toronto, Vaughan, and Markham.
  • Steeles Station is poised to become a central transportation hub, providing seamless connectivity to Line 1 of the TTCs Yonge North Subway Extension. This extension ensures convenient access both to Downtown Toronto and northward to Langstaff GO Station in Richmond Hill.

Reason to Invest In 7 Nipigon Avenue Condos

  1. Strategic Location: The 7 Nipigon Avenue Condos boast a prime and strategic location, making them an attractive investment opportunity. The condominiums placement within a thriving neighborhood or proximity to key amenities, transportation hubs, and commercial centers can contribute to the propertys long-term value. Investors can benefit from the potential for increased property appreciation and demand in a well-situated location.
  2. Development Potential: Understanding the development potential of the area surrounding 7 Nipigon Avenue is crucial for investors. Researching planned infrastructure projects, zoning changes, and upcoming developments in the vicinity can provide insights into the growth prospects of the neighborhood. If the area is undergoing positive transformations or is part of a revitalization plan, it may signal increased demand for properties, presenting a favorable investment opportunity.
  3. Developer Reputation: The reputation of the developer behind the 7 Nipigon Avenue Condos is a critical factor to consider when making an investment decision. Established and reputable developers are more likely to deliver a high-quality and timely project, instilling confidence in investors about the success and longevity of their investment. Researching the track record of the developer, including past projects and customer reviews, can provide valuable insights into their reliability and commitment to delivering a successful condominium project. Opting for a development by a trusted developer enhances the likelihood of a sound investment with fewer risks associated with construction delays or subpar construction quality.

About the Developer: Arkfield Development

Arkfield Development boasts a team of seasoned residential construction professionals proficient in every facet of community building. Their in-house management expertise spans across all divisions, ensuring seamless collaboration with suppliers and contractors. Arkfield Development is committed to delivering precise estimates, accurate timelines, and dependable project forecasts. Each community they construct is synonymous with unparalleled luxury, aiming to provide residents with homes that seamlessly blend architectural charm and interior prestige. Prioritizing comfort and convenience, Arkfield Development is dedicated to creating residences that exceed expectations.


  • Address 7 Nipigon Avenue, North York, ON, Canada
  • Country United States
  • City/Town ,


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